Elminage Gothic Wiki
Item Materials Use
Air Seed Vectorium + Elven Iron/Sensolite Allows party to breathe underwater
Bone Slipper Elven Iron + Sensolite or Devil Iron + Millstone Consumable,  transport party to temple in case of a wipe.
Devil's Pinwheel Vectorium + Millstone Shows enemy levels in battle
Dice of Fate Devil's Lapis + Millstone Shows all rolls in battle
Ring of Life Devil's Lapis+2 + Sensolite+2 Consumable, use to reduce age by 1
Small Chest Elven Iron + Devil Iron Consumable, use to raise age by 1
Dove Bell Devil's Lapis + Sensolite or Elven Iron Consumable, clear fixed encounters from current dungeon floor.
Crow Bell Devil Iron + Vectorium or Sensolite + Millstone Consumable, respawn fixed encounters on current dungeon floor.
Rock Counter Devil Iron + Sensolite or Devil's Lapis + Vectorium Consumable, display # of solid rock squares on current floor- useful for figuring out hidden areas.
Sheephair Brush Devil's Lapis + Devil Iron or Elven Iron + Millstone Displays fixed encounter locations on dungeon floor when using map.

Note that ore purity affects the Air Seed- the average purity of the materials will be the # of minutes the party can remain underwater without drowning.