Elminage Gothic Wiki

Unarmed combat specialist. They have a special ability that lets them hit up to 4 times in a row, and if they do, they nerf the heck out of the enemy's resistances. Important for getting the later summons.

Class: AC Decrease. Like Ninjas, if they are unarmed they get better and better natural armor. There are some armors that do not count and can be used to give resistances. Every three levels they get -1 AC.

Class: Renu: 50% chance of attacking again. If they hit 4 times in a row, they can do a "clean hit" which mauls enemy resistances by 20% .

Mastery: Physical Attack Up (222.2%)

Mastery: FIghting Instinct. Clean Hit chance increases (up to 100%)

Starting Class: C. Doesn't pass on anything.

Ending Class: A. Renu is still strong although they've been nerfed somewhat.

No Class Change: B. No need for innocent gear due to AC Decrease, but the Innocent Cape does count as one of the armors they can wear. However, they really can't waste time casting spells so...

There's no drop weapons for them for a long time. They nerfed enemy gear by basically forgetting to give non-boss enemies drops to steal, which really nerfed Brawlers. They also didn't include much in the way of AC: YES gear they can use. In short, they're not the one man wrecking crew they were in Elminage Original.

Because Brawler cannot equip many item, they are weak to aiment so the best is to use spirit brawler with very high innate resistance like the Tempest Efreet, Maelstrom or the Northen Orc.