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It is the first dungeon visited in the game. By royal decree of The King, any party is invited to investigate a series of mysterious demon apparitions in the depths of the cave. Those brave enough to undertake this task will be rewarded.

In the bottommost part of the dungeon the party must defeat some monsters and then report the discoveries to The King.




Floor Master[]


1.Cave Investigation

At B3F,(x12,y0), examine the hole to trigger a battle against Locusts and Gremlins.

After battle, return to Ishmag Castle and report the battle to The King to receive his thanks and progress the story. A sage will ask the party to keep the event as a secret.

Reward: Guatella Grotto is unlocked.

3. Demon's Child

To trigger this event, you must listen to a women's plight in the temple´s confessional with a Lv5 Bishop in your party.

Then head to B2F (x12,y1) to find a locket, you must then walk around until you encounter a mysterious child at random, who will ask the party to let him join you.

Reward: The child can join your party as a Neutral Ninja.


This is the first dungeon visited in the game, an thus, the easiest because of the encounters and lack of a true boss battle.

The Demon's child event is perhaps one of the most controversial and darkest in the game, because of his tragic backstory, the fact that he´s lived his whole lifetime in the caves and the option to face him in battle if you refuse to take him with you.

If you do not accept the child in your party and face against him,he will enter the battle in fear status.




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