Elminage Gothic Wiki

The Cleric specializes in healing, defensive, and support magic, and is also (supposedly) the best at Dispelling. Decent HP growth and access to a decent selection of defensive and offensive gear means the Cleric is reasonably capable in the front row, depending on the equipment used.

Basic Skills:

  • Dispel: Can instantly kill ghosts or undead, but does not grant experience.
  • Holy Physical Attack: Can attack ghosts with any type of weapon.

Mastery Skills (level 26):

  • Divine Blessing Power UP+1: Magic power increases significantly with level, up to 1261.9%.
  • Soul Release: Receive experience for defeating enemies with Dispel.

Optional Unique EX Skill: Absolute Barrier: Blocks all damage once at the cost of 50% max SP. Also usable by Lords.

Starting Class: A. More healing and support magic is always good, and Clerics learn these spells the fastest.

Ending Class: C. With EX Skills the idea of a character that is "Only a Priest" is absurd. However, once you start getting into the really big stuff, the Immoraliti spell can cause a straight 50% damage to an enemy, whereas other classes do 12.5%.

No Class Changes: C. Gains little from maintaining Innocent gear eligibility, so it's probably worth learning other magic instead.

  • Only the default priest character (Mupi) in the inn has the EX Skill "Sacrifice." This CANNOT be gotten by anyone else.
  • Clerics can damage half of enemies' HP with Immolarati, but other classes are limited to 1/8th health.
  • Does not have a Physical Attack Power UP skill; gains an extra attack about every ten levels.