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Events List[]

Quests are called events in the game.

In the events over the areas, there are two ways to unlock the events. One is to be assigned by the Kingdom, the other is through encountered characters and finishing succeeding quests in order. Over quests assigned by the kingdom, they unlock the dungeons leading to its story. However, in certain areas, you have to meet criteria to be able to unlock the other areas, either through interactions or defeating an enemy. In the last floor of the area, there are Tablets that, if collected, will unlock the final place.

These are scattered in randomized areas in the final floor.


Caves of Tsun-Kurn[]

1. Cave Investigation[]

Rumours of demons appearing in the caves on the Kingdom's borders have spread, and those who can confirm their authenticity shall be rewarded. The cave is called Tsun-Kurn. Could something have really happened there?

2. Confused Adventurer[]

Upon finding a wriggling mass in the Cave of Tsun-Kurn, emitting what sounded like a scream, it was soon revealed to be a group of monsters. After defeating them, a man fell out of the mass. He is confused and plagued by fearful visions of the monsters.

3. Demon's Child[]

You heard a woman's penitence in Lohagra Temple confessional. She says that some years ago she bore a demon child and abandoned it in a far away cave. It seems the cave is known within the Kingdom.

Dezaporlia Tunnel[]

4. Old Man of the Mine[]

Upon entering the Dezaporlia Tunnel, you came across a locked and barricaded heavy door. A passing man mentions that the old man who had the key is missing. There also seems to be an eye-witness who claims he saw the old man run away to the Guatella Grotto.

13. Visit the Minister[]

You reported your findings at Tsun-Kurn Cave to the Kingdom. The hole in the cave seems to be connected to a tunnel leading to the outskirts of a village. You were advised to first inform the minister of the village of this discovery.

14. The Servants[]

In Desaporlia Tunnel, you found a collapsed young man. The barely breathing man's throat is burning up and he needs water.

15. Missing Husband[]

In Igdra Village plaza, you were approached by a woman. Her husband seems to have gone off somewhere and has yet to return. She says he is a dilligent church-goer who never drinks alcohol. The church minister seems to have also disappeared.

Guatella Grotto[]

4. Old Man of the Mine[]

See above.

5. Thief's Old Tricks[]

Upon reaching the second underground floor of the Grotto, you find a suspicious-looking man seated next to a treasure chest. According to the man, he cannot open the chest and will give you the contents if you open it for him. Apparently he only wants to see what's inside...

6. Treasure-guarding demon[]

In Dondun's Tavern, you overheard some rumours. It is said that in the nearby grotto there is a treasure chest guarded by a demon. Though impassable, there may be a small hole to get through. Follow it to the end, and maybe you'll meet the demon.

7. The Underwater Treasure[]

In Dondun's Tavern, you listen to a high-born woman. In cavern with an underground lake, there is a demon with a precious stone. The lady asks you to retrieve the stone for her. It seems others have been asked to retrieve it, and only those who get there first will be rewarded.

Great Tree Yap Gotz[]

4. Old Man of the Mine[]

See Above

8. Budding Life[]

In the Great Tree Yap Gotz, you saved an injured fairy. The fairy gives a foreboding warning: 'if you meet another fairy, don't approach them without caution. There are demons disguised as fairies in here...'

9. Glittering Sap[]

In the Great Tree Yap Gotz, you meet a man who claims to be a doctor. He says he's searching for a special tree oil to cure a certain epidemic. This oil, a luminescent sap, can supposedly be obtained from the Great Tree Yap Gotz. Bring him the oil and you'll be rewarded.

10. Strong Wood[]

Upon entering Hosbarn Inn, you were halted by the innkeeper. He seems to want to remodel the Alchemist Warehouse, but the Kingdom's forests don't provide suitable quality wood. He asks you if such adventurers have any idea where to find sturdy wood. If you bring him some, it seems he can increase the Warehouse storage for free.

11. Mother Tree[]

Beneath the Great Tree Yap Gotz, you find a dying fairy. With his final strength he tells you that their mother is being manipulated. Could this be the cause of the demon infestation in Yap Gotz?

12. Kidnapped Children[]

In Igdra Village plaza, a bitter-faced woman called out to you. The panic-stricken woman tells you that numerous children have been kidnapped by goblins from the Great Tree Yap Gotz. She desperately begs your party to save them.

Degus Gila Ice Cave[]

16. Lifelike[]

You encountered a warrior in Degus Gila Ice Cave. He says he was attacked by his own trusted companions. It seems they began to change the moment they entered the ice cave.

17. Monster Pelt[]

In Igdra Village plaza, you were approached by a suspiscious merchant. He is looking for the fur of the Norse Tyrant monster that dwells in Degus Gila Ice Cave. Return with five pelts of fur, and he claims he will reward you.

18. Trial of Ice[]

In the depths of Degus Gila Ice Cave there is a strange old man standing next to a giant icicle. The old man claims that the icicle keeps three monsters sealed away. The seal has been damaged and lost power, and the monsters must be defeated.


19. Find the Son[]

In Igdra Village, a middle-aged man approached you. He asks you to find his son, who went to the wind cave Hastrana. The son is wearing a white shirt and a black cloak.

20. Blowhole Crying[]

Upon entering Hastrana Blowhole, you encountered a panicked man. He heard a crying sound in the blowhole and ran away in fear. Straining your ears, you can hear a crying sound among the noise of the wind.

21. Aid-seeking Fairy[]

You were suddenly approached by a fairy in Hastrana Blowhole. It seems the fairy's comrades have gone missing in the blowhole and couldn't be found in the area. They may have gotten lost in the depths of the blowhole.

22. Mother's Memento[]

In Hastrana Blowhole you encountered a troubled-looking woman who appears to be a witch. It seems she lost something precious inherited from her mother in the blowhole. Surely it can be found in the depths of the blowhole.

23. Strong Stone[]

Upon entering Hosbarn Inn, you were halted by the innkeeper. He still seems to want to remodel the Alchemist Warehouse, but this time he needs sturdy stone. As before, if you bring him some he can increase the Warehouse storage for free.

This isn't a quest per se, as it isn't named and accounted for as an event, but in Hastrana B4F, at [12,1], you run into a female magician who has exhausted all her spells and who asks you to spend a charge of Diomente to teleport her back to the surface. If you do, she rewards you with a Bat Belt.

Igdra Underground Church[]

24. Mysterious Youth[]

You reported the occurances that took place in Dezaporlia Tunnel. News of the minister's tragic fate is met with sorrow, but there still remains one unresolved mystery. You are requested to investigate the boy the minister spoke of at the church in Igdra Village.

25. Sacrificial Lover[]

In the confessional in Lohagra Temple, a woeful man came to confess. To prevent invasion from heretics, a sacrifice was chosen from the village. The confessing man claims to be the sacrificed person's lover...

26. Evil Ritual[]

Beneath the Igdra Church, there is a carving of a goat's head atop a pedestal. Gathered around the carving are some malevolent-looking objects, giving the impression of an evil ritual. What on earth could it be...

Rosslie Ruins[]

27. Disappearance Ruins[]

You met a warrior near the entrance to the Rosslie Ruins. According to the warrior, residents of the nearby village have been disappearing. The warrior has been keeping an eye on the suspicious ruins, but upon hearing a chilling cry from deep within, has become unable to move.

28. Ruined Household[]

In Dondun's Tavern, you were approached by a scholarly-looking man. It seems he's investigating a family who had once lived at the Rosslie Ruins. He wants to learn more about the god that led to the family's downfall, and asks if you could bring him any clues you find.

29. Lamenting Woman[]

Inside the Rosslie Ruins, there is a crying young woman with her face covered. When asked why she is crying, she replies she was accidentally contracted to an evil god enshrined in the ruins. Her one hope is for you to break the altar of the contracted god for her.

Afum Zar Light Cave[]

30. His Finest Work[]

In Jadgebol Shoppe, you were approached by the blacksmith. He seems to be specialised in smithing armor for the shoppe. Having worked with a number of ores, it seems he'd like to try new ones. He asks if you'd bring him any that you might find.

31. The Enemy[]

While exploring Afum Zar Light cave, accompanied by a sudden earthquake, a giant monster appeared. In broken language, it spoke of you as 'that person's' enemy. Just who might 'that person' be? Doubtless it's no one friendly...

32. Mysterious Shining Pot[]

In B2F of Afum Zar Light Cave, you were attacked by a light monster. Once driven off, it left behind a faintly shining pot. You've no idea what it is, but decided to take it anyway.

33. Gold-eating Monster[]

In Dondun's Tavern, you were called to by an unfamiliar man. Apparently there is a monster in Afum Zar Light Cave that turns to gold, and he asks if you'd join him finding it. Apparently it is attracted by metal, particularly coins. The more coins brought grants a greater reward, apparently.

34. Cracked Sphere[]

In Lohagra Temple, you were approached by a man holding a child. The man is worried about the child's mysterious illness. For some reason the child's condition has worsened as with the cracking of an orb. It seems to be something left behind by his missing wife. Having been unable to find a cure and with nowhere to turn, the man entrusts the orb to you.

Uhlm Zakir Mansion[]

35. Shinto Estate Investigation[]

Having heard your report of the occurrences beneath the Igdra Church to the Kingdom, the King has called for an assembly of sages. One among them has appeared before you and requested you investigate the residence of a Shinto priest. The priest once served the Kingdom, but secretly propagated an evil cult in a plot to overthrow the Kingdom and was apparently executed.

36. Cure-all Medicine[]

In Dondun's Tavern you were approached by a wealthy-looking man, speaking to you in a haughty tone. He is looking for a cure-all medicine. It is rumored that the Kingdom's Shinto priest once possessed such a medicine.

37. Broken Doll[]

In a small room in Uhlm Zakir Hall, you found a battered looking doll with large eyes. Even now, the eyes of the doll seem to be looking at you...

38. Eerie Presence[]

Underneath Uhlm Zakir Hall you came across some kind of dungeon, with all kinds of experimental equipment and torture devices about the place. Even contemplating what this place was used for chills you to the bone. Upon investigating, you felt an eerie presence behind you...

Royal Tomb[]

39. Royal Curse[]

While investigating the Royal Tomb, you sensed a murderous intent and were immediately attacked. You could see no trace of the attacker, and were unable to fight it. Could it be a ghost bound to the Royal Tomb?

40. Ominous Sign[]

You met an eerie old man at the Royal Tomb. The old man requested you to investigate a coffin deep inside the tomb. Within the coffin is a stone slab with an orb attached to it; it seems he wants you to confirm the colour of the orb.

41. The Igan Flower[]

In Dondun's Tavern, you were approached by a suspicious hooded man covered by a black cloak. He seems to be searching for a red flower called Igan. It was requested by a noble and must be kept secret. If found, he wants you to bring it to Igdra Village.

42. The Beloved Sword[]

While investigating the Royal Tomb, you came across muttering hooded figures roaming the area. Listening to their muttering, it seems they are looking for a sword.

Nga-Nga Magi Volcano[]

43. Spirited Away[]

At Nga-Nga Magi Volcano, you met a group of wounded adventurers. It seems they came to rescue a girl who had been abducted by monsters. However, the volcano's perils proved too great, and they are on their last legs. Their last request is for you to rescue the girl in their stead.

44. The Sealed One[]

At Nga-Nga Magi Volcano, you discovered some old text carved into a boulder. Upon listening closely, you can hear a voice asking for help.

45. The Monster's Heart[]

In Igdra Village Plaza, you were approached by the suspicious merchant again. At Nga-Nga Magi Volcano, if you throw a shining stone into a certain flaming spring, a monster will be lured out. It seems this time he wants the monster's heart.

47. Strong Steel[]

Upon entering Hosbarn Inn, you were halted by the innkeeper. He wants to further remodel the Alchemist's Warehouse, but this time he needs strong steel. This time he seems to have come to you directly. He will once again increase the storage of the warehouse for free.

Ishmag Underground Sanctum[]

48. Underground Temple Investigation[]

Upon reporting the occurances at Uhlm Zakir Hall, you were given new information. It seems the trail of the monsters through various areas and underground passages leads back to the Kingdom. It seems there was a temple beneath the Kingdom; you are to investigate it by order of the King.

49. Reverberating Bell[]

In Ishmag Underground Sanctum, you found an eerie bell. The bell is coated in blue rust, and it seems to not have been rung for some time. The words 'When the thirteen bells ring out, I shall awaken' are carved into it.

50. Man-Eating Spider[]

In Dondun's Tavern, you overheard the whispering of people who appear to be citizens of the Kingdom. It seems a man-eating spider has appeared in the Kingdom. Apparently many people have already fallen victim to it.

51. Captive Beauty[]

In the prison in Ishmag Underground Sanctum, you found a woman bound in chains. The woman asked you take her with you. But why would she be in a place like this?

Soldier of the Giant Gods[]

52. Demon's Egg.[]

While investigating a soldier dispatched by a great god in the ancient war, you discovered a number of arranged objects, round, narrow and long in shape. In the middle was a monster watching over an egg, which you chose to leave alone. (The text might be different if you do not leave her alone.)

53. Fate of the Dead[]

While investigating a soldier dispatched by a great god in the ancient war, you discovered the remains of a person, now just a skeleton.

54. The Great Sorceror's Bones[]

In Igdra Village Plaza, you were once again approached by the suspicious merchant. He seems to be searching for the bones of a great sorceror, who was swallowed by the Soldier of the Giant Gods. His face seems more darkened than usual, seeming almost heartless...

55. Birth-cry of the old era[]

Whilst investigating the Soldier of the Giant Gods, you met a man cloaked in a deep-coloured robe. Leaving only profound-sounding words, he dissolved into the darkness...

Caves of the Ancients[]

56. Heart's Desire[]

At an audience at Ishmag Castle, the King made a pertinent statement. In ancient times it was said that should the Masters of the caverns be defeated, the victor would obtain what they wished for. Those caverns are still being studied by the Kingdom and their natures of secrecy bound to the royal family. Whatever secrets and studies there may be, you should go and see for yourself.

57. Master of Nothing[]

As ordered by the King, you are to defeat the four masters of the caverns. What kind of people could they be?

58. Master of Love[]

As ordered by the King, you are to defeat the four masters of the caverns. What kind of people could they be?

59. Master of Beauty[]

As ordered by the King, you are to defeat the four masters of the caverns. What kind of people could they be?

60. Final Master[]

As ordered by the King, you are to defeat the four masters of the caverns. What kind of people could they be?

(Yes, those four quests have the same description.)

Ibag Tower[]

61. Trials of the Tower[]

In the area around Ibag Tower entrance, you were approached by a mysterious stranger. If you intend to go further into the tower, it seems he will test your wisdom, courage and strength. He informs you that as long as you remain in the tower, you must be prepared to constantly be put to the test.

62. Revelations[]

In Igdra Village Church, you were approached by a mysterious person in a black robe. The figure points to the mysterious tablet in your possession, declaring having received a divine revelation at a place called the Tower of God. The man then disappeared, leaving a map of Ibag Tower at your feet.

63. Dragon of the Tower[]

While investigating Ibag Tower, you were suddenly attacked by several small dragons. Upon defeating them, they let out a cry, sounding like its calling out to something...

64. Weaved Song of Legends[]

In Dondun's Tavern, you heard a minstral's song. During the song, the usually bloodthirsty atmosphere of the tavern seemed to turn peaceful.

65. Chained Giant[]

While investigating Ibag Tower, you discovered a statue of a giant bound in great layers of golden chains. Upon inspecting the state, a mysterious figure in a black robe approaches you. They seem to want to warn you about releasing the seal on the giant. Could the statue in golden chains be a giant monster?

Events List[]

# Name Details Location Reward
1 Cave Investigation

Start: Arrange Meeting at Castle.

Complete: Caves of Tsun-Kurn, B3F, [12,0]

Caves of Tsun-Kurn 5000 G, Storyline, Open 2nd dungeon
2 Confused Adventurer Clear encounter at/near [10,11] ->Go to [16,1]->Go back to [10,11] for reward. Caves of Tsun-Kurn Tough Leather Shoes
3 Demon's Child Temple->Talk->Confessional->Woman in Red. Requires Bishop lvl5-> Locket at Caves of Tsun-Kurn-> Second floor Caves of Tsun Kurn Neutral Ninja added to roster
4 Old Man of the Mine Guatella Grotto 1F [4,4], behind hidden walls. -> Great Tree Yap Gotz 1F, fairy NPC -> Back to old man. Dezaporlia Tunnel, Guatella Grotto, Great Tree Yap Gotz Unlocks Dezaporlia Tunnel
5 Thief's Old Tricks B2 (x9y14) → B2 back (x4y15) → B1 (x18y15) → B2 back (x19y0) → B2 (x9y14) Guatella Grotto Fanged Serpent
6 Treasure-guarding Demon Received by overhearing Gossiping Adventurers at the tavern. The first location is Guatella Grotto B2F [5,15], and the rest are on B2F Secret, in random order: [13,19], [17,9], [1,19], [3,2], [6,8]. Locations will turn up es exclamation marks (!) on your map - if you have revealed the area in question, of course. Guatella Grotto Parindoroma (sword)
7 The Underwater Treasure Given by High-born Lady at tavern -> Guatella Grotto B2F (x5y6) hidden door → Cave B3 (x6y9)
It is recommended to create an Air Seed.
Guatella Grotto Killer (spear)
8 Budding Life Dropped by a Shadow in Great Tree Yap Gotz, 1F
Great Tree Yap Gotz, 3F, [9,10]
Great Tree Yap Gotz Bat Belt
9 Glittering Sap 1F, [13,0] -> 3F, [10,3] -> Back to 1F, [13,0] for reward. Great Tree Yap Gotz Full-Health Potion
10 Strong Wood Given by Innkeeper -> Great Tree Yap Gotz, 2F, [12,8] ->Back to Innkeeper Great Tree Yap Gotz Warehouse expansion

(from 20 to 30)

11 Mother Tree Great Tree Yap Gotz B2F (x9y9) and (with combat) Great Tree Yap Gotz Mystery Club
12 Kidnapped Children Igdra Village plaza -> Great Tree Yap Gotz B1 [3,0] Great Tree Yap Gotz Moon Fragment
13 Visit the Minister Given by the king after completing "Cave Investigation". Dezaporlia Tunnel Storyline, open further dungeons
14 The Servants Thirsty Man in Dezaporlia Tunnels 1F south [9,14]
Bring him dirty water from any of the pools on 1F North, or clean water from the secret room opposite the Minister's room.
Dezaporlia Tunnel A little storylne information, All Purpose Herb*
15 Missing Husband Talk to woman in Igdra village plaza, then fight Dead Miner at Dezaporlia Tunnel BF1 North [2,13]. Get a faded charm, go back to wife. Dezaporlia Tunnel Ankh of Strength from either choice.
16 Lifelike Start: B1F (X9, Y13) -> Get Key Item: Airstone at B3, (X2, Y0) by using Balad in ice. Use Sosareo to float over ice.
Fight two Doppelgangers at B1F X19, Y0 and your party's Doppelgangers at B4F X19, Y0.
Degus Gila Ice Cave Fighter restores faith in people, and tries to get his jaded party members back.
17 Monster Pelt Start: Talk to Suspicious Merchant in village plaza. Kill Norse Tyrants in the Ice Cave five times, then return with their pelts for a reward. (You only get one pelt per encounter including them, regardless of how many Norse Tyrants there were in the fight.) Degus Gila Ice Cave 20,000 GP -> Refuse and he offers Ice Bow -> Refuse and he gives you Frost Cloak.
18 Trial of Ice Start: Old Man at B3F (X9, Y10) Fight Sapphire Dragon, Water Dragon and Snow Dragon. Degus Gila Ice Cave Havoc Hammer.
19 Find the Son Start: Talk to Searching Father in village plaza. Find Pasan Doma in Hastrana B2F [16,13], then return to his father with the given pendant. Hastrana Stampy Stamp
20 Blowhole Crying Start: talk to man in Hastrana B1F [0,12]. Find crying (and speaking) stones in five different (random?) places in Hastrana, then go to the center of B6F and defeat Tsarl. Hastrana Skylark Bow.
21 Aid-seeking Fairy Start: Talk to a fairy looking for his companion in Hastrana B2F [9,2]. Find her in Hastrana B3F [0,15], guarded by a skeletal monster. After defeating it, return to both of them at B2F [14,10]. Hastrana Star Rod
22 Mother's Memento (misspelled as Momento in-game) Start: Talk to confused mage woman in Hastrana B1F [4,4], find the memento on the same level, then return to her for the reward. Hastrana Magic Herb
23 Strong Stone Start: Given by Innkeeper

Find durable black stone in Hastrana three times, return with each batch to the Innkeeper. (You can't carry more than one around at a time.)

Hastrana Warehouse Expansion (from 30 to 50)
24 Mysterious Youth Start: Given by the king after completing Visit the Minister. Find the youth and win the boss fight at B4F [6,10], then return to the king. Igdra Underground Church Storyline; open further dungeons
25 Sacrificial Lover Start: Given by a man in the Temple confessional. Requires Bishop lvl 10. Find the sacrificial altar at Igdra Undeground Church B2F [14,2], then defeat both rounds of enemies. Igdra Underground Church None, just side-story information.
26 Evil Ritual Found at Igdra Underground Church B2F [2,14], where you destroy an ominous goat's head carving; do the same at B3F [15;4], behind a locked door. (incomplete - another location missing) Igdra Underground Church
27 Disappearance Ruins Given by a warrior at Rosslie Ruins 1F [5,9]. Considered completed after killing the area boss. Rosslie Ruins None.
28 Ruined Household Given by Scholarly man in Dondun's Tavern after unlocking Rosslie Ruins. Bring him, one at a time, the two stone carvings from B1F [15,15]. Rosslie Ruins Revival Tonic. (You get to keep the carving(s), so exploration of the ruins isn't limited by the quest.)
29 Lamenting Woman Given by a crying woman in Rosslie Ruins B1F [1,14]. After you destroy the altar at B2F [13,7], return to her. Rosslie Ruins None.
30 His Finest Work

Start: Talk to blacksmith in item shop. Find Meldoa Ore in Afum Zar Light Cave B4F [5,16 - random?] and give it to him. Granium Ore at Nga Nga Magi Volcano B3F. Unnamed Ore at Soldier of the Giant Gods B7F.

Afum Zar Light Cave, Nga Nga Magi Volcano, Soldier of the Giant Gods For Meldoa Ore: Plate Armor

For Granium Ore: Mithril Plate

For Unnamed Ore: a sword, forgot the name

31 The Enemy Started by encountering Nagu (the floormaster) in Afum Zar Light Cave B1F. Defeat him four times (once on each level of the cave) to complete. Afum Zar Light Cave
32 Mysterious Shining Pot Started by encountering a light monster in Afum Zar Light Cave B2F [8,3] and getting a glowing pot from it. Use the pot to absorb spheres of light in the following locations: B1F [3,2], B2F [3,2] and [10,18], B3F [10,8] and [16,5] B4F [13,19] and [14,1]. Afum Zar Light Cave +2 Light Seal
33 Gold-eating Monster Given by Recruting man in Dondun's tavern after unlocking the access to the cave in Rosslie Ruins 1F. Tell him you're ready and you'll go to Afum Zar. Go to the door at B1F [16,19] and go in. After the fight, pick up your reward in the small room at [19,17]. Afum Zar Light Cave 5000 gold, Illusion Drop and Hunter Guard.
34 Cracked Sphere Given by Man with child in Lohagra Temple. Encounter the Lamia at Afum Zar Light Cave B3F [5,16], defeat her, take her eye and deliver it to the man. Afum Zar Light Cave +2 Dark Seal
35 Shinto Estate Investigation Given by the King and his sages upon completing "Mysterious Youth". Completed by defeating the boss at Uhlm Zakir Hall B3F. Uhlm Zakir Hall Storyline; access to further dungeons.
36 Cure-all Medicine Given by Wealthy-looking man in Dondun's tavern, but also the Impoverished-looking man (with the ill child) in Lohagra Temple. Find it (guarded) at Uhlm Zakir Hall B2F [1,8], then deliver to one of them. Uhlm Zakir Hall From Impoverished-looking man: 9 First Love Flowers.
37 Broken Doll Found in Uhlm Zakir Hall 2F. Re-encounter it in 3(?) more random locations on 1F and 2F; finally fight it. Uhlm Zakir Hall Bitto
38 Eerie Presence Started by descending to Uhlm Zakir Hall B1F; completed by defeating La Flaneuse in the first torture chamber. Uhlm Zakir Hall None.
39 Royal Curse Started by encountering a malicious presence somewhere in the Royal Tomb. If attacked by an invisible monster, run or teleport away - it is too powerful. Find a soul-removing mirror in a coffin with a mummy of a young girl in 2F west, then face the monster with it. Royal Tomb Treasury key.
40 Ominous Sign Given by Old Man in Royal Tomb 1F West [9,13]; find the coffin with the orb in 2F East [14,8], then return to him with the information. Royal Tomb Storyline information.
41 The Igan Flower Start: Given by black-cloaked man in Dondun's Tavern. It is found randomly at the start of Royal Tomb, but only if you have a Servant in the party. Take it to the man at Igdra Village plaza. Royal Tomb Curse Charm.
42 The Beloved Sword Started by encountering hooded figures randomly located in Royal Tomb, complaining about a missing sword. Royal Tomb
43 Spirited Away Given by a group of adventurers looking for their abducted children in B1F; completed upon killing the volcano boss. Nga Nga Magi Volcano Power Axe
44 The Sealed One Pull the lever on B5F, then approach the pillar on B2F and kill the Katos Dragon. Nga Nga Magi Volcano Dragon Greaves
45 The Monster's Heart Given by the suspicious merchant in Igdra Village. Jump down to B3F from B2F middle, throw the stone he gives you into the volcanic spring, kill the Blue Flame Elemental and bring its heart to the merchant. Nga Nga Magi Volcano Offers 50000 gold; refuse and he offers Ice Tomahawk; refuse and receive Midsummer Garb.
46 Volcano Witch-Hunt Given by a Noble/bound soldier in Training School; you get 60000 gold in advance. Upon accepting the quest, meet him at B1F [17,6] and he joins you party. Take him to the 'witch' at B3F [8,8] and defeat her with him to complete the quest. Nga Nga Magi Volcano Crested Robe
47 Strong Steel Given by the inkeeper upon finishing Uhlm Zakir Hall. Can be stolen (with a Master Thief) from Volcanic Turtles. Nga Nga Magi Volcano Warehouse Expansion
48 Underground Temple Investigation Given by the King upon completing Shinto Estate Investigation. Upon seeing the writhing mass at the bottom of Ishmag Underground Sanctum, you may retreat and return to the castle for additional storyline information. Completed by defeating Cyclanos. Royal Tomb; Ishmag Underground Sanctum Medal of Power, Magic Shield and Welsh Cane.
49 Reverberating Bell Started by finding the bell at B2F [3,4]; after doing something (not sure what - reading all the books?) return to the bell and fight Samael. Ishmag Underground Sanctum Calamity Bow
50 Man-Eating Spider Started by overhearing people at the tavern talking about a man-eating spider. Go to all the stone-like objects in Ishmag Underground sanctum - which turn out to be spider eggs - and destroy them. Occasionally there will be a fight with Arachne. Return to the tavern to complete the quest. Ishmag Underground Sanctum None
51 Captive Beauty Started by freeing Layer from her cell in BF1; completed with a fight upon approaching the boss in B5F. Ishmag Underground Sanctum Hanged Man's Whip
52 Demon's Egg Started by encountering a lizardwoman monster caring for her eggs at B2F [4,18]. She asks you to leave her in peace. If you do, after you've pulled out the bronze sword from the arthery at B7F[6,11] and return, she attacks you, this time along with her hatched babies. Soldier of the Giant Gods Illusion Drop
53 Fate of the Dead Given by the ghost of Aygil at B3F [5,16], asking you to kill the ghost of Vani. Find Vani at B4F [9,16] - who proposes that you kill Aygil instead. Make your choice, than return to the other one for you reward. Soldier of the Giant Gods Life Ankh from Aygil, Keen Ankh from Vani
54 The Great Sorcerer's Bones Given by Suspicious Merchant at Igdra Village. Collect all nine bones (two arms, two legs, pelvis, sternum, spine, ribs and skull), scattered (randomly?) throughout the dungeon; when you do, the sorcerer revives. Kill him and return to the village. Soldier of the Giant Gods Curse Ankh
55 Birth-cry of the Old Era Started by encountering a robed ghost at B2F [15,12]. Talk to him again at B8F [11,11]. You may return to the king for a talk with his sage at this point. Then return to the swolen red sphere at B5F [15,17] and fight Ulgol. After that return to the bottom and fight the Researcher himself. Soldier of the Giant Gods Unholy Shield
56 Heart's Desire Given by the King after completing Birth-cry of the Old Era. Defeat all the Masters (you may come back for a talk at this point), then find the beehive at B6F and return to the king. Cave of the Ancients Storyline information.
57 Master of Nothing Given along with Heart's Desire. You must first place the headless doll (from Guatella Grotto) and the portrait of the beautiful lady (from Soldier of the Giant Gods) on the sundial to access B2F at all. Then find the woolen shoes for the twin guards to let you through, then move the sheep out of the way and fight the master. Cave of the Ancients (+ Guatella Grotto and Soldier of the Giant Gods) Further access in the dungeon.
58 Master of Love Given along with Heart's Desire. When you accidentally step on a mirror on the level and break it, pick it up. Talk to Master of Love, return to the Mother of Love and give her the mirror, then go back to the Master and fight him and Father of Love. Cave of the Ancients Further access in the dungeon.
59 Master of Beauty Given along with Heart's Desire. Talk to Master of Beauty
Get Dragon Flute in X16 Y10
Talk to Master of Beauty again.
Cave of the Ancients Advance to B5F
60 Final Master Given along with Heart's Desire. Talk to Final Master at B5F and defeat him. (Finding the cocoon earlier on the level might be required?) Cave of the Ancients Advance to B6F
61 Trials of the Tower Started by entering the Tower and talking to the Apostate through the first door on the left. First defeat him, then defeat three divine creatures he pits against you in a nearby room. (One at a time, but with no pause between the fights.) Ibag Tower
62 Revelations Despite being the second in the list, this is the quest to access the Tower. Find the tablets from all 15 previous dungeons (found randomly on the last level of each area), then go to the Igdra Village Church. A mysterious cloaked man will provide you with the map to the Tower and vanish. Ibag Tower
63 Dragon of the Tower Ibag Tower
64 Weaved Song of Legends Started by listening to the minstrel at the tavern after defeating Cyclanos. Find the altar at 14F and place the figures according to the song. (E - Demon, W - God, S - Human) Ibag Tower Space Fragment
65 Chained Giant Start: the giant at 17F (16; 16). Take the key at 18F (3; 3) Ibag Tower