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There are two ways to get a fairy in the team, by heading to the Training School to make a customizable character, or through recruiting an enemy of the fairy class.

Female Fairy
Female Fairy
Lifespan: 5 to 30 years
Base Armor Class: 5
Str: 5
Int: 9
Piety: 9
Vit 5
Agi: 14
Luck: 9


They are small and normally live in nature, due to their size fairies cannot use heavy equipments. Having well-balanced stats and the highest agility of the races, they are best serve as a alchemist, thief and hunter -- decent at being a mage, cleric and bishop due to their above-average intelligence and piety.

Fairies have their own class-exclusive weapons, in accordance to its restrictions.

Though their strength and vitality is severely decreased due to their size and lifespan, their other stats made up for it. Fairy race have the twice the Base Armor Class in the game, in comparison to the others.

Magic Resistance[]

  • Magic: 15%
  • Cleric: 15%
  • Alchemy: 15
  • Summon: 100%
  • Status Recovery: 30%