Elminage Gothic Wiki

Hosbarn Inn is a location in the Kingdom of Ishmag. Here you can:

  1. Rest or Rest (All): There are 4 options of varying costs and effectiveness. The cost listed ingame is per person, so make sure to Split Money to cover costs accordingly. When used, the ingame time will proceed one day upon exiting the inn; this is constant regardless of how many times you rest while inside the inn.
  2. Alchemy Warehouse: Allows you to make use of alchemical services: Forging, Disassemble, Transmutation, and transferring Items to and from the Warehouse. Imposes a fee per entry; the cost is dependent on (Editor's Note: I'm not sure to be honest. Maybe average level of party members?). Typically it ranges from 300 gold to 1000 gold.
  3. Character Status: Self-explanatory.
  4. Talk: To obtain and fulfill quests. Contains the very important quest chain that expands the storage size of the Alchemy Warehouse, which starts at 20 and can be increased up to 50.
  5. Return: Go back to the Kingdom of Ishmag.