Elminage Gothic Wiki

Inventory management in Elminage is difficult. Equipped items continue to take up inventory slots, and a full set of equipment will only leave 2 open inventory slots. Additionally, there is a number of non-equippable items you need to carry (maps, picks, air seed, etc). Items only stack up to 9, and maps, which allow you to see the current dungeon floor are single-use (except the Underground Goblin Map, which has a random number of uses), normally requiring you to carry several stacks.

Useful strategies:

  • A character with the EX Skill "Mysterious Bag" allows items to be sent to the alchemy warehouse if inventory is full.
  • Similarly, a Thief who has chosen the skill "Pass-along theft" can steal even when his own inventory is full, immediately passing the stolen items to other party members.
  • A Bishop in the party can identify items in the dungeon, allowing you to throw away junk.
  • Having an Alchemist, Servant or Bishop with the EX Skill Divination means you'll never mine a common Rock instead of ore or pick Weeds instead of useful plants. They can also identify equipment curses and ore values, letting you throw away the useless ones.
  • The Mage spell Dioseed does the same thing as a Magic Map. It's a level 1 spell, thus available pretty early - and after a while the other level 1 magic will be too weak to be useful against most enemies, thus leaving the whole level 1 slot of your Mage or Bishop for casts of Dioseed and potentially liberating an inventory slot.
  • You can use additional characters kept at the inn to store extra items.
  • Make sure you complete the quests to expand the alchemy warehouse. (For the last one, you must have a Thief in the party.)
  • Using "pause adventure" while your party is in the dungeon, you can form a second party (possibly with a bishop) to identify and sell/clear items from the alchemy warehouse.
  • If you're willing to cheat, the item database is stored in a CSV file. You can unpack the item database and modify the magic map item to give it unlimited uses. This is incredibly helpful, as carrying stacks of maps into the dungeon gets very ridiculous. See the Game Mods for details.