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It's a Paladin. Ungodly armor + heal spells.

Class: Dispel. Class: Resist Up (Max 50%). Just by existing they reduce 50% of all status ailments, including the instant kills. Mastery: Physical Attack up (Max 213.4%) Mastery (3DS Only): Priest Magic Up Mastery: Sanctuary: The entire party's status ailment resistance rises (75% max at level 494.)

Special EX: Absolute Wall

Starting Class: C. They level up so. SLOW. Ending Class: A. They were nerfed in Gothic, but they're basically required for the post-game. With that one EX skill they can be your party's main healer. No Class Change: B. This is only for the Innocent Spear, which is really good.

Their Sanctuary is only 28% at level 100, where it used to cap out. Big nerf.

Lords can use many powerful weapon now. Why would you want to, though? One of the more powerful weapons, the Holy Saber can only be used by a Good Lord with gender ? . the alignement restriction is removed in the 3DS version but cursed you instead (Devilish cannot use this weapon in any case).

The Lord with Court Sanctuary is a very good and almost essential partner for the Brawler , because he cannot equip armor so you cannot many forge against aiment .

They are many extremely powerful spirit pact lord like the Vampire Lord, the Sphynx and the Dampir(not even mention the broken spirit pact you can contract in the tower) so keep in mind when you make you end game team.

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