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Magic Maps[]

Unlike other dungeon crawlers, magic maps are expendable. It is recommended to take out a pen and paper, or an excel program to make your own map. Or just mod the game to be able to use infinite maps. The people you'd encounter in the dungeon would give out quests and tips, so exploring the dungeon is recommended.

Dungeons Guide[]

While exploring the dungeon, there is bound for trouble to arise. From secret doors to booby traps, it wouldn't be a surprise if that it would be the end of your own party. If all the explored places are not leading anywhere, it is advisable to get an alchemist for making items, examine for hidden doors in walls, switches and quest completion. For this reason, it is recommended to fully explore the floor before heading off to another in order to finish everything in order.

Dungeon Events[]

Name Description Type
Secret door Indistinguishable from regular walls at a glance. Investigating them will reveal them. Wall
Locked door Locked door that can be opened with thief skills. Door
Switch Can be activated by investigating them. May cause all sorts of changes in a dungeon. Wall
Event doors Must be opened with switches or special devices. Door
Pit Fall into a hole and take damage from the drop. Floating spells can prevent this. Floor
Chute The floor opens up and drops you to a lower floor, floating spells can prevent this. Floor
Turning floor Stepping on this will turn you momentarily so you lose sense of direction. In the worst case, can inflict confuse. Floor
Slippery floor Stepping on this will move you forward beyond your control. Floor
Warp Warps to a specific spot. Floor
Dark zone A pitch-black area. Any enemy fought here cannot be seen. Flame and lightning spells can temporarily illuminate your opponents. Zone
Anti-magic zone Cast spells will have no effect. Field spells will also lose effect. Spells cannot be cast in battle. Zone
Spring Provides drinking water, will usually recover vitality, but effects vary on the spring. Other
Sign Bears useful information and warnings. It is best not to ignore them. Other
No-teleport Entry Cannot warp into the area. Floor

Treasure Chest Traps[]

Name Target Effect
Rockslide Character who failed at unlocking Take damage
Poison needles Character who failed at unlocking Poisoned
Magic drain All party members All spell casts get lowered by 1
Poison gas All party members Poisoned
Bomb All party members Take damage
Ghost swarm All party members HP reduced to 1.
Cobra curse All party members Paralyzed
Demon eye All party members Petrified
Spell blaster Those with magician spells Paralyzed or petrified.
Cleric blaster Those with cleric spells Paralyzed or petrified.
Treasure chest Character who failed at unlocking Age increases by 1-5.
Counter-punch Character who failed at unlocking Instant death
Kiss of the Goddess Character who failed at unlocking Age decreases by 1.
Mimic All party members A mimic appears.
Teleporter All party members Randomly move to a different part of the same floor. (May kill the party if it is teleported into stone.)


Caves of Tsun-Kurn[]

Caves of Tsun-kurn B1F[]

Caves of Tsun-Kurn B1.png

Caves of Tsun-Kurn B2F[]

Caves of Tsun-Kurn B2.png

Caves of Tsun-Kurn B3F[]

Caves of Tsun-Kurn B3.png

Guatella Grotto[]

Guatella Grotto B1[]

Guatella Grotto B1.png

Guatella Grotto B2[]

Guatella Grotto B2F.jpg

Guatella Grotto B3F[]

Guatella Grotto B3F.png

Guatella Grotto B2F Secret[]

Guatella Grotto B2F Secret.png

Great Tree Yap Gotz[]

Great Tree Yap Gotz 1F[]

Great Tree Yap Gotz 1F.png

Great Tree Yap Gotz 2F[]

Great Tree Yap Gotz 2F.png

Great Tree Yap Gotz 3F[]

Great Tree Yap Gotz F3.png

Great Tree Yap Gotz B1[]

Great Tree Yap Gotz B1.png

Great Tree Yap Gotz B2[]

Great Tree Yap Gotz B2.png

Dezaporlia Tunnel[]

Dezaporlia Tunnel 1F South[]

Dezaporlia Tunnel 1F South.jpg

Dezaporlia Tunnel 1F North[]

Dezaporlia Tunnel 1F North.jpg

Dezaporlia Tunnel B1F[]

Dezaporlia Tunnel B1F.jpg

Degus Gila Ice Cave[]

Degus Gila Ice Cave B1F[]

Degus Gila Ice Cave B1F.jpg

Degus Gila Ice Cave B2F[]

Degus Gila Ice Cave B2F.jpg

Degus Gila Ice Cave B3F[]

Degus Gila Ice Cave B3F.jpg

Degus Gila Ice Cave B4F[]

Degus Gila Ice Cave B4F.jpg


Hastrana B1F[]

Hastrana B1F.png

Hastrana B2F[]

Hastrana B2F.png

Hastrana B3F[]

Hastrana B3F.png

Hastrana B4F[]

Hastrana B4F.png

Hastrana B5F[]

Hastrana B5F.png

Hastrana B6F[]

Hastrana B6F.png

Igdra Underground Church[]

Igdra Underground Church B1F[]

Igdra Underground Church B1F.jpg

Igdra Underground Church B2F[]

Igdra Underground Church B2F.jpg

Igdra Underground Church B3F[]

Igdra Underground Church B3F.jpg

Igdra Underground Church B4F[]

Igdra Underground Church B4F.jpg

Rosslie Ruins[]

Rosslie Ruins B1F[]

Rosslie Ruins B1F.jpg

Rosslie Ruins B2F[]

Rosslie Ruins B2F.jpg

Rosslie Ruins B3F[]

Rosslie Ruins B3F.jpg

Afum Zar Light Cave[]

Afum Zar Light Cave B1F[]

Afum Zar Light Cave B1F.png

Afum Zar Light Cave B2F[]

Afum Zar Light Cave B2F.png

Afum Zar Light Cave B3F[]

Afum Zar Light Cave B3F.png

Afum Zar Light Cave B4F[]

Afum Zar Light Cave B4F.png

Uhlm Zakir Hall[]

Uhlm Zakir Hall 1F[]

Uhim Zakir Hall 1F.jpg

Uhim Zakir Hall 2F[]

Uhim Zakir Hall 2F.jpg

Uhim Zakir Hall B1F[]

Uhim Zakir Hall B1F.jpg

Uhim Zakir Hall B2F[]

Uhim Zakir Hall B2F.jpg

Uhim Zakir Hall B3F[]

Uhim Zakir Hall B3F.jpg

Royal Tomb[]

Royal Tomb 1F West[]

Royal Tomb 1F West.jpg

Royal Tomb 1F East[]

Royal Tomb 1F East.jpg

Royal Tomb 2F West[]

Royal Tomb 2F West.jpg

Royal Tomb 2F East[]

Royal Tomb 2F East.jpg

Royal Tomb 3F[]

Royal Tomb 3F.jpg

Nga-Nga Magic Volcano[]

Nga-Nga Magic Volcano B1F[]

Nga-Nga Magi Volcano B1F.jpg

Nga-Nga Magic Volcano B2F North[]

Nga-Nga Magi Volcano B2F North.jpg

Nga-Nga Magic Volcano B2F South[]

Nga-Nga Magi Volcano B2F South.jpg

Nga-Nga Magic Volcano B3F[]

Nga-Nga Magi Volcano B3F.jpg

Nga-Nga Magic Volcano B4F[]

Nga-Nga Magi Volcano B4F.jpg

Ishmag Underground Sanctum[]

Ishmag Underground Sanctum B1F[]

Ishmag Underground Sanctum B1F.jpg

Ishmag Underground Sanctum B2F[]

Ishmag Underground Sanctum B2F.jpg

Ishmag Underground Sanctum B3F[]

Ishmag Underground Sanctum B3F.jpg

Ishmag Underground Sanctum B4F[]

Ishmag Underground Sanctum B4F.jpg

Ishmag Underground Sanctum B5F[]

Ishmag Underground Sanctum B5F.jpg

Ishmag Underground Sanctum B6F[]

Ishmag Underground Sanctum B6F.jpg

Soldier of the Giant God[]

Soldier of the Giant God B1F[]

Soldier of the Giant God B1F.png

Soldier of the Giant God B2F[]

Soldier of the Giant God B2F.png

Soldier of the Giant God B3F[]

Soldier of the Giant God B3F.png

Soldier of the Giant God B4F[]

Soldier of the Giant God B4F.png

Soldier of the Giant God B5F[]

Soldier of the Giant God B5F.png

Soldier of the Giant God B6F[]

Soldier of the Giant God B6F.png

Soldier of the Giant God B7F[]

Soldier of the Giant God B7F.png

Soldier of the Giant God B8F[]

Soldier of the Giant God B8F.png

Caves of the Ancient[]

Caves of the Ancient B1F[]

Caves of the Ancient B1F.png

Caves of the Ancient B2F[]

Caves of the Ancient B2F.png

Caves of the Ancient B3F[]

Caves of the Ancient B3F.png

Caves of the Ancient B4F[]

Caves of the Ancient B4F.png

Caves of the Ancient B5F[]

Caves of the Ancient B5F.png

Caves of the Ancient B6F[]

Caves of the Ancient B6F.png

Ibag Tower[]

Ibag Tower 1F[]

Ibag Tower 1F.jpg

Ibag Tower 2F[]

Ibag Tower 2F.jpg

Ibag Tower 3F[]

Ibag Tower 3F.jpg

Ibag Tower 4F[]

Ibag Tower 4F.jpg

Ibag Tower 5F[]

Ibag Tower 5F.jpg

Ibag Tower 6F[]

Ibag Tower 6F.jpg

Ibag Tower 7F[]

Ibag Tower 7F.jpg

Ibag Tower 8F[]

Ibag Tower 8F.jpg

Ibag Tower 9F[]

Ibag Tower 9F.jpg

Ibag Tower 10F[]

Ibag Tower 10F.jpg

Ibag Tower 11F[]

Ibag Tower 11F.jpg

Ibag Tower 12F[]

Ibag Tower 12F.jpg

Ibag Tower 13F[]

Ibag Tower 13F.jpg

Ibag Tower 14F[]

Ibag Tower 14F.jpg

Ibag Tower 15F[]

Ibag Tower 15F.jpg

Ibag Tower 16F[]

Ibag Tower 16F.jpg

Ibag Tower 17F[]

Ibag Tower 17F.jpg

Ibag Tower 18F[]

Ibag Tower 18F.jpg

Ibag Tower 19F[]

Ibag Tower 19F.jpg

Ibag Tower 20F[]

Ibag Tower 20F.jpg


Apart from the wiki contributors, the credit goes to The Weak for the in-depth guide, Therio, anon: and cc from the Steam community who compiled the rest of it.

There are missing floors as well, so this is a work in progress. Help furthering the maps are welcomed.