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In the Jadgebol Shoppe, potions and other medicine are expensive and in limited amount, so at a certain point, it is more efficient to use what the servant picks up in the dungeon. A servant has a skill where it automatically cures status ailments and death of everyone in the party at the end of each turn.

As the party's level increases, using a regular Potion for healing gradually becomes less efficient. That is where the Full-Health Potion recipe comes in. It is also possible to configure at what HP the servant will heal them.

Herb Mixing[]

After the player learns how to make a certain medicine (either from an NPC or by experimenting), the recipe for it will automatically be put in the recipe book. Incorrectly mixing herbs would waste the ingredients, so being careful to use the right ones is a must.

Medicine Ingredients
Potion 9 Sun Herb + Sun Herb
Antidote 9 Mystery Herb + Mystery Herb
Potion of Awakening 9 Sun Herb + Mystery Herb
Full-Health Potion 9 Magic Herb + Sun Herb
Mahi Oil 9 All Purpose Herb + Sun Herb
First Love Crystal 9 All Purpose Herb + First Love Flower
Stone Softener 9 Illusion Drop + First Love Flower
Herb of Tranquility 9 All Purpose Herb + Tranquility Herb
Revival Tonic 1 Illusion Drop + Magic Herb
Night Dew Lozenges 9 All-Purpose Herb + Mystery Herb