Elminage Gothic Wiki
Class information
Class Requirements: Str: 12 Vit: 12
Basic Skills: Treatment, Herbology, Special Resistance UP
High Master Skills: Physical Attack UP, Apothecary
Class Mastery Level: 26
Class Type: Basic

The Servant is a support class that can automatically use healing items from their Medicine Bag at the end of every turn, as well as restore MP by using Magic Herbs. Their Medicine Bag is a separate space from their normal inventory, which helps to save the party's inventory space. It is possible to buy potions and herbs directly into the bag by selecting Shopping -> Medicine Bag in the shop; you can transfer things from the Servant's inventory into the bag by selecting Skills -> Treatment.

Unlike in Elminage Original, the enemy version of a Servant is not a Maid who has a Banking and Cook skill, but a Herbalist who makes medicine and attacks with a sword.

They are more suitable in the front-row due to its higher physical attack and vitality. The only similarity is automatically treating wounds at the end of per turn, as long as the medicine bag is well-stocked.

Herbalists have an increased resistance towards status ailments, so they are often available over treating wounds. They have a skill to discern expensive herbs while walking that Bishops can mistaken as trash, and use Magic Herbs to heal 1 MP, SP and Tarot draw rate and barrier skills.

As it reaches Class Mastery, it gets Physical Attack Up and Apothecary which doubles the effect of Magic Herbs.

Alchemists, Herbalists and Bishops has an extra skill chosen called Divination that shows additional information and cursed items in dungeons.

Herbology Recipes[]

Servants are able to mix up herbs with the "Mix" function in the shop, in sets of nine save for Revival Potion. Mixing materials that do not produce any potion destroys them. Once you have learned the recipe for an individual potion, it appears as an option when mixing. Once the recipe has been made, once the required ingredients are met, it is possible to access it through Mix -> Recipe.


  • While their name suggests they'd be best in the back row, once they get their class mastery skills, they can potentially fill a spot in the front row as well.
  • Having increased special resistances means the Servant is less likely to become disabled and can still heal the party if needed.
  • Magic Herbs are quite expensive so they can't be used liberally, but being able to recover MP/SP in a middle of a dungeon is still very useful. However, they can be picked up in dungeons.
  • The Servant or Maid had an item that let characters use consumable items unlimited times.