Elminage Gothic Wiki
Class information
Class Requirements: Int: 12 Pie: 15 Agi:12
Basic Skills: Barrier, Dispel, Holy Physical Attack, Instrumental
High Master Skills: Physical Attack UP, Ancient Rites
Class Mastery Level: 32
Class Type: Intermediate

The Shaman is an odd physical attacker that specializes in fighting demons, undead and ghosts; their signature Charms are Long-ranged weapons especially effective against these enemies while doing no damage to other enemy types. The Shaman's Barrier ability can be used to protect against opposing magic, with a chance to either reduce damage, nullify completely or reflect incoming spells back at the caster. Barrier's effectiveness gradually declines as it is used until the Shaman either rests at an inn or is treated by a Magic Herb from a Servant. Finally, Shamans can use magical Instruments in the same way as the Bard for various spell effects. Upon reaching High Mastery at Level 32, Shamans gain the Ancient Rites skill, allowing them to equip offensive Charms in any equipment slot, allowing for tremendous damage at the cost of defense and increased chances of triggering enemy Swallow Returns; for this reason, the Swallow Killer EX skill is an especially good choice for Shamans.

The Shaman is not ideal as a starting class, as their weapon selection is initially very limited, their durability is poor, and they do not learn any spells naturally. They also benefit little from Innocent-only equipment. Later on, as Shaman-usable spears and katanas begin to appear and more powerful charms show up in dungeon loot, one can consider class-changing to Shaman. When Ancient Rites are unlocked, it may be tempting to replace all their equipment with Charms, but this will ruin their already iffy durability and (unless a Lord is in the party providing Court Sanctuary) leave them highly vulnerable to status ailments. A more balanced approach, equipping the best normal weapons and armor they have access to along with a few Charms, is generally safer.

Shamans have access to a unique EX Skill Oracle, which allows them to possibly swap Experience and Gold rewards after battle. This can be convenient to build up funds to provide XP to new or reclassed characters, but otherwise is of dubious value.


  • If using a Shaman early in the game, remember that the Cleric spell Harias will allow their Charms to hit any enemy type.
  • Devilish can use certain powerful Charms without being Cursed, but they are barred altogether from using normal Charms, including the Divine Charm, without using costly forges to lift the species restriction.
  • The Exorcist's Bow, found commonly on B5 of Hastrana, is a decent weapon for Shamans to use in the midgame.
  • In the bottom two floors of the Cave of the Ancients can be found the Divine Charm, which has 1.5x effectiveness against every enemy type in the game. If you have a Shaman in the party you will definitely want to pick up at least one.