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To maximize the use of spells into its maximum MP count and power, reaching class mastery is an essential way to help bring out your team's potential. To reach the class's highest potential, you have to get to a certain level to get there. The maximum number of spells you can cast per level is nine.

Learning spells per level is of no specific order.

Remember that you can edit spell names in the options to something more obvious or useful!

Additional or differing info from the JP wiki has been added in italics. Mistranslations and game version changes are possible, so edit or comment to confirm the correct details.

Mage Spells

Level Name Camp Battle Effects
1 Balad X Attack a single enemy with flames.
1 Misama X High probability over putting a single enemy to sleep.
1 Dioseed X Displays the map of the current floor.
2 Balados X Attack a row of enemies with fire.
2 Glass X Attack a single enemy with ice.
2 Ramisama X Has a chance of putting a row of enemies to sleep.
2 Venom X High probability over poisoning a single enemy. Poison negates "natural recovery"
3 Ziakal X Attack a single enemy with lightning.
3 Ravenom X Has a chance of poisoning a row of enemies.
3 Robuti X Raises single enemy's AC by 7. Stackable.
4 Maglass X Attack a row of enemies with ice.
4 Stoma X High probability over petrifying a single enemy.
4 Sosareo X Lets your party float in the dungeon. Cast again to cancel.
5 Rabalad X Attack a row of enemies with fire.
5 Argeiss X Damage enemies with an earthquake. Has low probability of swallowing them into the earth (instant death; affected by dark resist).
5 Hallobuti X Raises all enemies' AC by 4. Stackable.
6 Raglass X Attack a row of enemies with ice.
6 Ziakalad X Attack a single enemy with lightning.
6 Rastoma X Has a chance of petrifying a row of enemy.
7 Enterook Mista X Attacks all enemies with a non-elemental bomb. Strength slightly boosted by fire, ice and lightning attack attributes.
7 Diomente X X Moves the party to a place you've already seen. If used during battle, takes you to a random location.

Map squares marked by red X-s are warded and cannot be teleported onto.

7 Miracle X Asks the gods to raise a powerful miracle in exchange for one level.

Cleric Spells

Level Name Camp Battle Effects
1 Feria X X Recovers a small amount of HP for a single ally.
1 Harias X Blesses the whole party's weapons to attack ghosts and undead.
1 Tashif X High probability of silencing a single enemy.
1 Erod X Illuminates the dungeon to let you find hidden traps for a short time. Also increases secret door detection rate.
2 Venom-Fei X Recovers a single ally from poison.
2 Latasif X Has a chance of silencing a row of enemies.
2 Hallobukan X Lowers the entire party's AC by 3. Stackable.
2 Zomperi X Displays any dead adventurers on the current floor.
3 Sama Eyes X X Recovers all allies from all status ailments except petrify, death, and turned to ashes.
3 Roodfei X X Recovers a single ally from paralysis.
3 Eroma X Illuminates the dungeon to let you find hidden traps. No time limit. Also increases secret door detection rate.
4 Rafelima X X Recovers a small amount of HP for all allies.
4 Mirror Eyes X X Recovers all allies from sleep, silence, confusion, charm, and fear.
4 Hallobukarn X X Lowers the entire party's AC by 2. Usable in camp menu.
4 Honey Restorer X Return to the Kingdom, forgotten once used.
5 Sama Eyes X X Recovers all allies from all status ailments except petrify, death, and turned to ashes.
5 Zefeifus X High probability of instantly killing a single enemy. Affected by dark resist.
5 Robukand X Makes a single ally's AC -20. 

Turns AC to -20.

5 Psi Drain X Creates a barrier that can deflect a single Drain attack. Stackable.
6 Feireed X X Recovers all HP for a single ally and recovers all status ailments except Death and Turned to Ashes.
6 Rizefus X X Normal recovery from recovering a single ally from death.
6 Elnam X Attacks a single enemy with holy power.
6 Psi Breath X Creates a barrier that can detect a single breath attack. Stackable.
7 Immolarati X Removes a set amount of all enemies' current HP in exchange for all MP, when a cleric uses this, they achieve maximum power.
Clerics can damage half an enemy's HP with this spell, while other classes are limited to 1/8th.
7 Rafeireed X X Recovers a normal amount of HP for all allies.
7 Rezefeid X X High chance of recovering a single ally from death. If failed, the ally will be turned to ash.
7 Razefeis X Has a chance of instantly killing a row of enemies. 

Affected by dark resistance.

Alchemist Spells

Level Name Camp Battle Effects
1 Pomedoon X Breath attack. Equivalent to dragonewt breath.
1 Rood X Has a high probability of paralyzing a single enemy.
1 Mahama X

Lets all party members escape from battle.

Guaranteed escape from battle.

1 Portal X Identifies booby trapped chests. About a 5% misidentification rate.
2 Rarood X Has a chance of paralyzing a single enemy.
2 Bulafei X Hides a single ally, removing him or her from the enemies' target list. Functions like thief/ninja hide skill.
2 Skorekh X Raises the speed of all allies.
3 Karacha X Has a high probability of confusing a single enemy.
3 Orakh X Raises an ally's attack frequency by 1.

Stackable up to 15 times.

Increases damage dealt towards the enemy.

3 Lascorek X Lowers all enemies' speed by about 30%. Stackable.
4 Makaracha X Has a chance of confusing a row of enemies.
4 Bifei X Makes enemies concentrate attacks on a single ally.
4 Yuniwa Coat X Gives all allies the infinite range attribute.
Gives all allies infinite attack range. Includes thieves' steal and disarm abilities.
5 Pinto X Has high probability over charming a single enemy.
5 Rapoolfei X Raises the magic resistance of all allies. Stackable.
5 Ramialf X Returns all enemy and ally abilities changed during battle back to normal.
5 Pendeku X X Returns all items broken to their original states.
6 Rapinto X Has a chance of charming a row of enemies.
6 Rapidos X Lowers all enemies' Magic resistance. Stackable.
6 Pendea Coat X Destroys cursed items.
7 Zeo Nadar X Attacks a single enemy with a rainbow of light. Damage increases in proportion to the number of spells used during battle. (non-attribute attack)
7 High Portal X Safely removes traps from treasure chests.
7 Protectorate X Grants a special wish, but is forgotten after one use. Learned again at level-up.


Level Name Camp Battle Effect
1-7 Contract X Forms a contract with a monster.
1-7 Summon X X Summons a contract with a monster.
1-7 Return X X Returns a summoned monster.


Only usable by bards, drawing tarot cards in the upright position is considered a success, and failure if it's inverted. Bards start with a 75% success rate, and each card draw reduces this by 5%. Resting at an inn restores it to 75%.

While tarot cards may seem tricky to use at first, with proper precautions, skills, or items, they can be very powerful. According to the manual, cards that inflict status effects ignore resistances. Some of them also have no negative effects with failed draws, and others have negative effects that can be negated in some way. Examples:

  • Draw Empress to disable hard-hitting melee groups
  • Draw The Sun at the beginning of a fight, or when there's one enemy left. A failed draw will have little risk.
  • Judgment reduces everyone's HP to 1, but it could be an easy way to wipe enemy parties if you have a way to protect yourself.
Tarot Card Duration Success Failure
One-time, or continuous. The effect lasts the whole battle, or in effect once. The card drawn is reversed, some effects being negative, while others have no effect whatsoever.
00: Fool
00 Fool.png
One-time Opponents are put to sleep. Allies are put to sleep.
01: Magician
01 Magician.png
Continuous Allies' magic damage is doubled. Opponent magic damage is doubled.
02: Priestess
02 The High Priestess.png
One-time Opponents are poisoned. Allies are poisoned.
03: Empress
03 Empress.png
Continuous Physical attacks are forbidden for all. No effect.
04: Emperor
04 The Emperor.png
One-time Opponents are silenced. Allies are silenced.
05: Hierophant
05 The Hierophant.png
Continuous Game: Skill moves are forbidden for all.

Manual: Non-physical and non-magical attacks cannot be used.

No effect.
06: Lovers
06 Lovers.png
One-time Opponents are charmed. Allies are charmed.
07: Chariot
07 The Chariot.png
Continuous Allies' defense power is raised.

Allies' AC is set to -10.

Opponents' AC is set to -10 (could potentially make enemies easier to hit).
08: Justice
08 Justice.png
Continuous Good aligned damage is doubled. No effect.
09: Hermit
09 The Hermit.png
Continuous Game: Opponents are restricted to passive combat.

Manual: Anyone who takes no damage from an enemy receives damage equivalent to half their current HP at the end of the turn.

Any ally or foe that doesn't deal damage receives damage as punishment. Does not affect ineffective physical attacks against ghosts.

No effect.
10: Fortune
10 Wheel of Fortune.png
Continuous Movement order is randomized. No effect.
11: Strength
11 Strength.png
Continuous Allies' physical attack damage is doubled. Opponents' physical attack damage is doubled.
12: Hanged Man
12 The Hanged Man.png
Continuous Opponents' evasive actions fail.

Enemies cannot evade negative status effects (ignores resistances).

No effect.
13: Death
13 Death.png
One-time One opponent is instantly killed. One ally is instantly killed.
14: Temperance
14 Temperance.png
Continuous Neutral aligned damage is doubled. No effect.
15: The Devil
15 The Devil.png
Continuous Evil aligned damage is doubled. No effect.
16: The Tower
16 The Tower.png
One-time Opponents are confused. Allies are confused.
17: The Star
17 The Star.png
Continuous All allies' attacks hit. All opponents' attacks hit.
18: The Moon
18 The Moon.png
One-time Game: Opponents flee.

Manual: Targeted party has a 50% chance of fleeing.

Allies flee have a 50% chance of fleeing.
19: The Sun
19 The Sun.png
One-time Allies' strength is completely recovered. Enemies completely recover. (May be useful for Summoner contract attempts.)
20: Judgment
20 Judgement.png
One-time Game: Everyones HP becomes 1 at end of turn.

Manual: Low level characters have their HP reduced to 1 and the turn forcibly ends.

All allies' and foes' HP is reduced to 1, and the turn ends immediately.

No effect.
21: The World
21 The World.png
Continuous Game: Everyone loses status resistance.

Manual: All weaknesses and resistances are lost.

All allies and foes lose all types of defenses and resistances. Not a 100% success rate.

No effect.

Learning Speed

3 MP, Level 7 Spells 9 MP, Level 7 Spells
Class Level Exp. Level Exp.
Cleric 15 1.38m 21 2.94m
Mage, Alchemist 15 1.50 21 3.20
Bard 18 2.76 24 4.76
Valkyrie 18 2.83 24 4.88
Samurai 18 3.00 24 5.17
Lord 18 3.12 24 5.38
Summoner 25 5.31 37 9.48
Bishop (Mage) 27 5.86 33 7.89
Bishop (Cleric) 30 6.88 36 8.91

Trivias and Credits

  • Information is taken from game file spmp.csv.
  • The Bishop's slow level and spell growth makes it a poor choice for class change spell transfers. In the time it takes a Bishop to reach level 30, a character could attain level 15 Mage, level 15 Cleric, and level 24 Alchemist.
  • Summoners immediately gain 3 MP at level 25, but other classes gain their first cast (1 MP) two levels prior to the listed levels above, e.g. level 13 for Clerics. This is increased to 3 MP upon a class change, but additional levels might be required to learn all the spells of that level. How many spells a character learns seems to be at least partly based on luck, and possibly stats and quality of the inn room. Be sure to save before resting.
  • If a character is exceptionally unlucky, they may not even gain any MP, although it's retroactively awarded the next level. This was with an 8 INT Bard, so stats may play a role.
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