Elminage Gothic Wiki
Class information
Class Requirements: Int: 12 Pie: 15 Agi:12
Basic Skills: Summon Magic
High Master Skills: Blood Oath
Class Mastery Level: 32
Class Type: Intermediate

The Summoner can form contracts with monsters and have them fight on the player's side. Unlike other spell schools, each level of Summon Magic is identical, containing spells to attempt to form a Contract with a monster, Summon the contracted monster or Return them; in this way a Summoner can choose from up to seven different monsters available to summon into battle. Summoned monsters are restricted from using a few special skills (like Draw), but otherwise behave like their enemy selves, giving the Summoner a great deal of versatility. Summoned monsters can be used to provide extra muscle or an additional target for enemies, act as a unlimited source of healing spells, and more depending on what you need at the moment. Many monsters have class and EX skills too, which can be useful to fill in gaps in your party composition such as by disarming traps or providing Stronghold's protection.

When a Summoner reaches Mastery at Level 32, they gain the Oath of Blood skill, which modifies summoned monster's level depending on the Summoner's. This improves the monster's HP and physical damage parameters, and also scales up any class skills they may possess. Improved Beheading Rate and Swallow Return are especially notable for their synergy with Blood Oath - depending on the monster, they can reach chances all but unattainable for a normal character.

Summoners also have two exclusive EX Skills available. Master Therion uses all SP to merge all summons into one combined monster for a few turns. During this time, your party members cannot act and all single-target enemy attacks will go towards the summon. This could be interesting depending on what monsters the Summoner has contracted, but the fact that your party remains vulnerable to group attacks limits its usefulness. Spirit Pact can be used outside of battle to transform the currently summoned monster into a player adventurer, removing the monster from the Summoner's repertoire; see the dedicated page for more information on this intriguing skill.

Interesting and useful enemies for Contracting can be found throughout the game, but the Summoner itself has little to offer outside of this role; they learn no other form of magic naturally, and their physical prowess is quite poor. It's not a bad idea to start out as another spellcasting class and then change class to Summoner so that they have something to do during battles.


  • As stated above, Summoners benefit greatly from class changing, as they otherwise have little to do while their monster acts.
  • Brawlers make an excellent companion to a Summoner, as their Group Attack has a chance to lower a monster's spell resistances by 20% for one action. This is quite helpful for Contracting monsters with very high Summoning resistance.
  • The success rate of Contract depends on the difference between the Summoner's and the enemy's level. Enemies 10 levels below the Summoner get two chances to resist Contract based on their Summon resistance, those within 10 levels of the Summoner have three chances, and enemies 10 or more levels above the Summoner have four chances.
  • The Mermaid mini-boss in Guatella Grotto makes a great choice for an early game Contract if you can manage it, with access to Raglass, Skorekh, Orath and a strong physical attack.