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The tenth dungeon in the game, this is where the party must find and defeat the antagonist Uhlm Zakir once and for all, before he awakens and brings forth the Dark God.

The upper floors resemble a bleak and abandoned house, while the lower floors contain several torture chambers. In the bottommost floor is where Uhlm Zakir himself resides.




Floor Master[]



35.Shinto Estate Investigation

Given by the King and his sages upon defeating the Mysterious Youth. Completed by defeating Uhlm Zakir at B3F.

36. Cure All Medicine

Quest given by a man in the Dondun´s Tavern; he asks the party to find a medicine in Uhlm Zakir Hall.

Go to B2F(x1,y8) and defeat the monster guarding it, go back to the tavern and deliver the medicine.

37. Broken Doll

Go to 2F to encounter the doll, then head to 1F and walk until you encounter the doll three more times (at random locations). Finally, head back to the 2F (x14,y10) and fight the doll.

Reward: Bitto

38. Eerie Presence

Go to B1F and walk around, until you encounter a La Flaneuse, which constantly follows you through the floor as she giggles and taunts the party.


By speaking to an old man at 2F (x10,y3), the party will gain acess to the Rosslie Ruins.

To access the room where Uhlm Zakir resides in B3F, the party must find and press eight switches scattered through the floor. (See maps and visual guide).

The bottom floors share the same music theme as the Igdra Underground Church.




Elminage Gothic-Uhlm Zakir Hall


Elminage Gothic Igdra Underground Church-Entrance