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Hello, hello! I'm on a phone, so I can't find the message wall. How are you doing? Are you still playing Elminage Gothic?

I want to say you're right over Elminage being translated without actually playing the game itself. It's kinda sad, since the game needs to be translated better for it to shine, especially the stats, which is very confusing.

In this wiki itself, there are misleading data over the character classes. Considering I had experience over almost all classes save for Bard, Shaman and Ninja I have resources to get it from. I'm worried over my writing, though.

I'm curious to see how Elminage Original will be. There's actually another wiki for that. Thankfully I can use the emulator for it. Said there are zombie maids.

I made the banner, then put the background everything. It's sad people didn't appreciate the game, and how it lacks any guide.

I hope you come on soon. I like how the wiki is slowly going. I'm getting a website soon, and I'm pretty sure I'd ramble over Elminage Gothic again. XD

Sorry, typed this half-drowsily. The Tomato Fairy (talk)

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Okay reading Ghostlight's blog, they did monitor and worked on the game. Point is that it seems rushed. :( The Tomato Fairy (talk) 14:43, April 23, 2015 (UTC)

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