Elminage Gothic Wiki

The biggest thing that made me fall in love with the game is the vast array of characters, that despite being recolored, most had been put much thought and care coloring and designing it. At least, with almost all of them. So I wanted to put as much monsters and art as possible with each of them.

I've been thinking of adding transparent images straight from the game, descriptions and thought with each page, but at this rate nothing will get done so most of it is information added from the Monster Encyclopedia. I haven't put the location, but those can be found in the JP Wiki and I can add it when I want to do so. (On another note, still seeking to upload the Tarot Cards in order.)

My eyesight has been shitty eversince I crashed the frame, so I have trouble making out letters. But I'm still doing what I can, really. I think it's a blessing in disguise -- how can I make it as a freelancer if I can barely see?

Anyway, I finally encountered a boss that is challenging enough, the Ulm Zakhir Hall(?) has a boss that has the potential to hit my characters with 400-700 HP per attack and heal 1000-ish HP per turn! Each attack would lead it to replenish its health, but at least they wouldn't get annihilated with this fiend. I changed Courtesan as a Fighter into a Shaman, which...made it even more weaker, really. No spells, though it has Oracle which may increase or decrease XP or Gold after battle. The place has switches at different corners in the same spot, too so you have to turn left and right to see if there is one. You can't see it from the side.

No idea what those switches does.

Should've made Courtesan into a Brawler so I can put back my Summoner who I might turn into a Mage. My Gnome Bishop is weaker, just using her for emergency cleric and mage spells plus hopefully getting useful medicine.

I can just return Evil Brawler to the team. Eh. =-=